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Dynarex® Foley Catheter, Various Sizes

G10100 Catheter Selection .

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Dynarex® Foley Catheter, Various Sizes 

A ­ flexible tube passed through the urethra and into the bladder to drain urine

  • Pliable catheter with a firm tip eases insertion
  • Available in 5cc or 30cc and in a variety of catheter diameter sizes
  • Perfect for patient care in hospitals and long term care facilities

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SKU, Item Name, Price

G10100-30CC-2W-12FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4952, Foley Catheters 30cc 12FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-12FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4952, Foley Catheter 30cc 12FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-14FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4954, Foley Catheters 30cc 14FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-14FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4954, Foley Catheter 30cc 14FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-16FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4956, Foley Catheters 30cc 16FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-16FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4956, Foley Catheter 30cc 16FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-18FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4958, Foley Catheters 30cc 18FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-18FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4958, Foley Catheter 30cc 18FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-20FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4960, Foley Catheters 30cc 20FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-20FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4960, Foley Catheter 30cc 20FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-22FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4962, Foley Catheters 30cc 22FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-22FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4962, Foley Catheter 30cc 22FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-24FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4964, Foley Catheters 30cc 24FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-24FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4964, Foley Catheter 30cc 24FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-26FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4966, Foley Catheters 30cc 26FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-26FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4966, Foley Catheter 30cc 26FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-28FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4968, Foley Catheters 30cc 28FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-28FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4968, Foley Catheter 30cc 28FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-30CC-2W-30FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4970, Foley Catheters 30cc 30FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-30CC-2W-30FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4970, Foley Catheter 30cc 30FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-12FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4932, Foley Catheters 5cc 12FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-12FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4932, Foley Catheter 5cc 12FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-14FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4934, Foley Catheters 5cc 14FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-14FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4934, Foley Catheter 5cc 14FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-16FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4936, Foley Catheters 5cc 16FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-16FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4936, Foley Catheter 5cc 16FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-18FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4938, Foley Catheters 5cc 18FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-18FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4938, Foley Catheter 5cc 18FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-20FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4940, Foley Catheters 5cc 20FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-20FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4940, Foley Catheter 5cc 20FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-22FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4942, Foley Catheters 5cc 22FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-22FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4942, Foley Catheter 5cc 22FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-24FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4944, Foley Catheters 5cc 24FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-24FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4944, Foley Catheter 5cc 24FR - Each, $1.25

G10100-5CC-2W-26FR-CS, Dynarex® No. 4946, Foley Catheters 5cc 26FR 10/Cs, $11.25

G10100-5CC-2W-26FR-EA, Dynarex® No. 4946, Foley Catheter 5cc 26FR - Each, $1.25

Replaces G10016 product line

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